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Short Stay Retreats 

This short term accomodation aims to provide participants with a one-on-one getaway to grow friendships and have greater experiences with their support worker while working on their goals in a different environment. With this experience, participants have the opportunity to learn independent living skills. We offer short stays over weekends or a bit longer for a few days throughout school holidays or when requested. 

Weekday Stay

Monday to Wednesday / Wednesday to Friday

Weekend Stay

Friday to Sunday


Sleepovers at Home

Alternatively, we can also offer accommodation to parents/carers of participants, allowing them to have some time away. Perhaps the participant would feel more comfortable at home, we can have a support worker do overnight sleepovers at your residence. 



 You can choose many locations, the popular ones are either the beach or city.

If you already have support services through Connecting Staff and would like the location details and a handy booklet of all the amazing Airbnbs and with all the details you'd need to know, please contact us to find out more.


  • Grow stronger friendship with support worker. 

  • Build greater experiences.

  • Change of scenery.

  • Learn new skills, along with independent living skills.

  • Having a relaxing and fun time.

When booking, please keep in mind the more notice we have the better chance you have getting the support worker you'd like! 

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