Support Worker

Whats your favourite movie?

My favourite movie is the social network. 

Who's your hero?

My Mum and Dad are my hero's 

Why do you love working for Connecting Staff?

My interest in helping and putting others first has always been paramount and a priority above all else as i work towards being in the best service for others. 

How would your friends describe you?

Definitely quirky but also funny, loyal and compassionate. 

What AFL team do you go for?

Western Bulldogs through and through!

Do you have any pets?

2 cocker spaniels dogs that i love and adore. 

Favourite Hobby?

Gaming, Computers, spending time outdoors and with friends. 

Dream holiday?

In and around Europe

Favourite food?

Chips and Pizza 

Favourite Sport?


Are you studying anything currently? 

Studying Bachelor of applied Science in Psychology at RMIT

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