Support Worker

Whats your favourite movie?

My favourite movie is Me Before You

Who's your hero?

My parents are my heroes as they have always done everything in their power to support me and my dreams.

Why do you love working for Connecting Staff?

I love working for Connecting Staff as it allows me to engage and help others in everyday life to live their best life.

How would your friends describe you?

A big chatterbox.

What AFL team do you go for?

Carlton all the way!!!

Do you have any pets?

2 dogs named Ollie and Busta

Favourite Hobby?

Reading or photography.

Dream holiday?

A long Europe and Greek island vacation!

Favourite food?

My favourite food is Corn. 

Favourite Sport?

My favourite sport would be Tennis. 

Are you studying anything currently?

Just completed my Double Bachelor of Criminology and Psychological Science!